Volume 11 (2016)

Adorno’s Negative Dialectics
David Sherman

Volume 10 (2015)

Revisiting Foucault’s ‘Normative Confusions’: Surveying the Debate Since the Collège de France Lectures
Christopher R. Mayes

Pragmatics and Semantics and Husserl and Derrida
Joshua Kates

Husserl and Rickert on the Nature of Judgment
Andrea Staiti

Permanent Deviation: Understanding Our Place in History with the Aid of Sartre’s Critique, Volume Two
William L. McBride

Affectivity in Heidegger II: Temporality, Boredom, and Beyond
Lauren Freeman and Andreas Elpidorou

Affectivity in Heidegger I: Moods and Emotions in Being and Time
Andreas Elpidorou and Lauren Freeman

Continental Approaches in Bioethics
Melinda C. Hall

Volume 9 (2014)

Paul de Man’s Philosophical Poetics
Tom Eyers

Hegel and the Concept of Extinction
Jennifer Ann Bates

Language as the House of Being? How to Bring Intelligibility to Heidegger While Keeping the Excitement
Pol Vandevelde

‘Walter Benjamin’s Philosophy of Language’
Alexei Procyshyn

Bergson’s Philosophy of Memory
Trevor Perri

Volume 8 (2013)

Kierkegaard and Recent Continental Philosophy of Religion
Michael Tilley

“Foucault and Critical Animal Studies: Genealogies of Agricultural Power”
Chloë Taylor

Doing Philosophy in Style: A New Look at the Analytic/Continental Divide
N. N. Trakakis

Volume 7 (2012)

Life and Spirit in Max Scheler’s Philosophy
Robert Sandmeyer

Gadamer and Davidson on Language and Thought
David Vessey

Badiou and the Politics of Form
Paul Livingston

The Concept of Sovereignty in Contemporary Continental Political Philosophy
Verena Erlenbusch

Agamben’s Fictions
Colin McQuillan

Deleuze and Badiou on the Nature of Events
Brent Adkins

Arendt and the Theological Significance of Natality
Mavis Louise Biss

Volume 6 (2011)

Transcendental Arguments About Other Minds and Intersubjectivity
Matheson Russell and Jack Reynolds

Hegel, Psychoanalysis and Intersubjectivity
Molly Macdonald

Schelling’s Contemporary Resurgence: The Dawn after the Night When All Cows Were Black
Jason Wirth

Race and Racism in Foucault’s Collège de France Lectures
Chloë Taylor

Modernity, Technology and the Forms of Rationality
Andrew Feenberg

Volume 5 (2010)

Kierkegaard’s Conception of God
Paul K. Moser, Mark L. McCreary

Temporality in Queer Theory and Continental Philosophy
Shannon Winnubst

Problems of Other Minds: Solutions and Dissolutions in Analytic and Continental Philosophy
Jack Reynolds

Recent Continental Philosophy and Comedy
Bernard Freydberg

Hans-Georg Gadamer and the Philosophy of Religion
David Vessey

Volume 4 (2009)

Merleau-Ponty and Sartre in Response to Cognitive Studies of Facial Imitation
Beata Stawarska

Merleau-Ponty and the Mystery of Perception
Taylor Carman

Theories of Community in Habermas, Nancy and Agamben: A Critical Evaluation
Brian Elliott

Günter Figal’s Hermeneutics
Theodore George

Volume 3 (2008)

Material Value-Ethics: Max Scheler and Nicolai Hartmann
Eugene Kelly

Meaning and Interpretation: Can Brandomian Scorekeepers be Gadamerian Hermeneuts?
Cristina Lafont

What is Phenomenology?
Simon Glendinning

The Rise of the Non-Metaphysical Hegel
Simon Lumsden

Kant’s Debate with Herder about the Philosophical Significance of the Genius of Shakespeare
Andrew Cutrofello

Jacques Rancière: Literature and Equality
Todd May

Charles Guignon

The Experience of Time and Change
Barry Dainton

Volume 2 (2007)

Hegel’s Theory of Freedom
Craig Matarrese

Derrida, Politics and Democracy to Come
Paul Patton

God in Recent French Phenomenology
J. Aaron Simmons

Volume 1 (2006)

Emotions in Continental Philosophy : Adapted from Dreyfus and Wrathall, eds., Blackwell Companion to Phenomenology and Existentialism, Blackwell, 2006
Robert C. Solomon

Race, Colorblindness, and Continental Philosophy
Michael J. Monahan