Chinese Comparative Philosophy

Volume 11 (2016)

Confucian Role Ethics: A Critical Survey
John Ramsey

Metaphorical Language in the Zhuangzi
C. M. Morrow

Philosophy in Western Han Dynasty China (206 BCE–9 CE)
Michael D. K. Ing

Volume 10 (2015)

Modern Confucianism and Chinese Theories of Modernization
Jana S. Rošker

Confucianism and American Pragmatism
Mathew A. Foust
Teaching and Learning Guide

Philosophy in Eastern Han Dynasty China (25–220 CE)
Alexus McLeod

Classical Chinese Logic
Jana S. Rošker

Don’t Mind the Gap: Sinology as an Art of In-Betweenness
Nicolas Standaert

Volume 9 (2014)

Legalism: Introducing a Concept and Analyzing Aspects of Han Fei’s Political Philosophy
Eirik Lang Harris

Justice and Confucianism
Erin M. Cline

Daoism and Wu
David Chai

Volume 8 (2013)

Artistry as Methodology: Aesthetic Experience and Chinese Philosophy
Sarah Mattice

Jian ai and the Mohist attack of Early Confucianism
Wai Wai Chiu

Chinese Dialectical Thinking—the Yin Yang Model
Xinyan Xinyan

“How to Compare?” – On the Methodological State of Comparative Philosophy
Ralph Weber

Volume 7 (2012)

Contemporary Philosophical Aesthetics in China: The Relation between Subject and Object
Eva Kit-wah Man

The Political Dimension of Confucius’s Idea of Ren
Shirong Luo

Democracy in Confucianism
Sor-hoon Tan

Volume 6 (2011)

The Study of Chinese Philosophy in the English Speaking World
Xinyan Jiang

Caring in Confucian Philosophy
Ann A. Pang-White

The Word and the Way in Mozi
Hui-Chieh Loy

Sympathy and Perspective-Taking in Confucian Ethics
Justin Tiwald

Volume 5 (2010)

No (More) Philosophy Without Cross-Cultural Philosophy
Karsten J. Struhl

On the Very Idea of Correlative Thinking
Yiu-ming Fung

Confucianism and Ethics in the Western Philosophical Tradition I: Foundational Concepts
Mary I. Bockover

Confucianism and Ethics in the Western Philosophical Tradition II: A Comparative Analysis of Personhood
Mary I. Bockover

Ideal Womanhood in Chinese Thought and Culture
Robin R. Wang

Recent Approaches to Confucian Filial Morality
Hagop Sarkissian

Self and Other: Continental and Classical Chinese Thought
Steven Burik

Volume 3 (2008)

Form, Principle, Pattern, or Coherence? Li in Chinese Philosophy
Brook Ziporyn

The Philosophy of Harmony in Classical Confucianism
Chenyang Li

Some Issues in Chinese Philosophy of Religion
Xiaomei Yang

Soul and Self: Comparing Chinese Philosophy and Greek Philosophy
Jiyuan Yu