Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art

Edited by A.W. Eaton

Reginald Baylor, Yellow Meat (2009). 96 x 60 inches, acrylic on canvas. Used by kind permission of Reginald Baylor, and shown in the artist’s studio.

Articles by volume:

Volume 11 (2016)

The Aesthetics of Electronic Dance Music, Part I: History, Genre, Scenes, Identity, Blackness
Nick Wiltsher

The Aesthetics of Electronic Dance Music, Part II: Dancers, DJs, Ontology and Aesthetics
Nick Wiltsher


Volume 10 (2015)

Ink, Art and Expression: Philosophical Questions about Tattoos
E.M. Dadlez

Improvisation in the Arts
Aili Bresnahan

Racist Humor
Luvell Anderson

Volume 9 (2014)

Walton on Fictionality (pages 825–836)
Richard Woodward

The Aesthetics of Punk Rock (pages 583–593)
Jesse Prinz

Art and Aesthetic Behaviors as Possible Expressions of our Biologically Evolved Human Nature (pages 361–367)
Stephen Davies

Painting and Philosophy (pages 225–237)
Michael Newall

Volume 8 (2013)

Imagining and Fiction: Some Issues (pages 887–896)
Kathleen Stock

Hannah Arendt and Global Justice (pages 771–780)
Serena Parekh

Artistry as Methodology: Aesthetic Experience and Chinese Philosophy (pages 199–209)
Sarah Mattice

Oppression, Privilege, & Aesthetics: The Use of the Aesthetic in Theories of Race, Gender, and Sexuality, and the Role of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Philosophical Aesthetics (pages 101–116)
Robin James

Volume 7 (2012)

Disgust and Aesthetics (pages 753–761)
Carolyn Korsmeyer

Plato on Poetry: Imitation or Inspiration? (pages 669–678)
Nickolas Pappas

Roman Ingarden’s Aesthetics (pages 436–447)
Jeff Mitscherling

Teaching & Learning Guide for: The Philosophy of Comics (pages 361–364)
Aaron Meskin

“Blurred Boundaries”? Rethinking the Concept of Craft and its Relation to Art and Design (pages 230–244)
Larry Shiner

Contemporary Philosophical Aesthetics in China: The Relation between Subject and Object (pages 164–173)
Eva Kit-wah Man

Museums and Philosophy – Of Art, and Many Other Things Part I (pages 74–84)
Ivan Gaskell

Museums and Philosophy – Of Art, and Many Other Things Part II (pages 85–102)
Ivan Gaskell

Video Abstract for ‘Museums and Philosophy’, parts I and II

Schopenhauer’s Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art (pages 11–22)
Sandra Shapshay

Aesthetic Testimony (pages 1–10)
Jon Robson

Volume 6 (2011)

The Philosophy of Comics (pages 854–864)
Aaron Meskin

Aesthetics of Opera (pages 575–584)
Paul Thom

Ideal Observer Theories in Aesthetics (pages 513–522)
Stephanie Ross

Drawing the Line: Art Versus Pornography (pages 385–397)
Hans Maes

Truth in Fiction (pages 158–167)
Richard Woodward

Contemporary Finnish Aesthetics (pages 1–10)
Arto Haapala

Volume 5 (2010)

The Philosophy of Creativity (pages 1034–1046)
Berys Gaut

Forgery and Appropriation in Art (pages 1047–1056)
Darren Hudson Hick

Virtues of Art (pages 830–839)
Peter Goldie

Videogames and Aesthetics (pages 624–634)
Grant Tavinor

Recent Continental Philosophy and Comedy: Comic Overflow (p 516-524)
Bernard Freydberg

Philosophy of Humor (p 112-126)
Joshua Shaw

Black Aesthetics (p 1-15)
Paul Taylor

Volume 4 (2009)

Aesthetics and Cognitive Science (p 715-733)
Dustin Stokes

Taste and Objectivity: The Emergence of the Concept of the Aesthetic (p 734-743)
Elisabeth Schellekens

Works and Performances in the Performing Arts (p 744-755)
David Davies

The Text-Performance Relation in Theater (p 614-629)
James Hamilton

Kant’s Aesthetics: Overview and Recent Literature (p 380-406)
Christian Helmut Wenzel

Cinematic Narrators (p 296-311)
Katherine Thomson-Jones

Automatism, Causality and Realism: Foundational Problems in the Philosophy of Photography (p 1-21)
Diarmuid Costello, Dawn M. Phillips

Musical Recordings (p 22-38)
Andrew Kania

Art and Negative Affect (p 39-55)
Aaron Smuts

Volume 3 (2008)

Musical Works: Ontology and Meta-Ontology (p 1113-1134)
Julian Dodd

Feminist Philosophy of Art (p 873-893)
A.W. Eaton

The Structure of Aesthetic Properties (p 894-909)
Rafael De Clercq

Cognitivism and the Arts (p 573-589)
John Gibson

Recent Work on Cinema as Philosophy (p 590-603)
Paisley Livingston

Volume 2 (2007)

The Aesthetics of Nature (p 358-372)
Glenn Parsons

Musical Expressiveness (p 373-379)
Derek Matravers

Searching for the ‘Popular’ and the ‘Art’ of Popular Art (p 380-395)
Theodore Gracyk

Fictional Characters (p 141-156)
Stacie Friend

Some Questions in Hume’s Aesthetics (p 157-169)
Christopher Williams

Volume 1 (2006)

Pictorial Representation (p 535-546)
John Kulvicki

Debates about the Ontology of Art: What are We Doing Here? (p 245-255)
Amie L. Thomasson

Authors, Intentions and Literary Meaning (p 114-128)
Sherri Irvin

Art, Morality and Ethics: On the (Im)Moral Character of Art Works and Inter-Relations to Artistic Value (p 129-143)
Matthew Kieran

Aesthetic Experience and Aesthetic Value (p 1-10)
Robert Stecker

Ideal Observer Theories in Aesthetics (pages 513–522)
Stephanie Ross